VO ‘n’ GO!


Introducing the fastest way to travel across town.

  • Tired of driving over the hill everyday just to read?
  • Don’t have time to wait around to record an audition?
  • Stuck in the valley and can’t get to your agent?
  • Need a little extra personalized direction for a big audition?
  • Want to boost your booking rate?
  • Home studio giving you problems?

You need to Read ‘n’ Run with VO ‘n’ GO! at The Voicecaster.

  • Just get your agent to email you (or us) the copy
  • Call The Voicecaster for an appointment
  • Show up for your time and read with an experienced Casting or Booth Director
  • Then get on with your day

We’ll make sure your auditions are sent immediately to get to your agent on time!

Only $10.00 for 10 Minutes!

Call us now to make an appointment: (818) 841-5300.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Day-of appointments available! No walk-ins please.

To stay up-to-date with Voicecaster news, please SIGN UP for our MAILING LIST!


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